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One Letter Domain Names

There are only 3 One Letter .com Domains.

December 2 1993, at a time when the web was being formed, Dr Jon Postel registered all still available 23 single letter Domains and assigned them to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (  It was Jon Postel’s intention to avoid a single company commercially controlling a letter of the Alphabet.

However, 3 domains were already registered: was owned by Qwest Communications, which was acquired by CenturyLink in 2010.  As of this writing, forwards to CenturyLink High-Speed Internet. was owned by Weinstein & DePaolis and was the homepage of a Netscape employee named Robert Walker.  The domain was acquired in 1999 by the financial services company owned by Elon Musk. eventually became Paypal and Musk was forced out of the company.  However, the domain name was reportedly purchased back by Elon Musk in mid-2017, terms were not disclosed.  The domain transferred out of brand protection MarkMonitor to GoDaddy under privacy in July, 2017.  Elon Musk tweeted, “Thanks PayPal for allowing me to buy back! No plans right now, but it has great sentimental value to me.”  As of this writing, retrieves just the letter x. was owned by Nissan -now it is the GMO Internet Group, Japan’s first ICANN-accredited domain name registrar in Asia (InterQ).  The reported sale was for $6.8M US in 2014.  The fist mention of under the GMO Internet Group is from March, 2015: GMO CLICK Holdings local British company launches first service under GMO Internet Group global brand

All other one letter .com domains are unresolvable.  However, as published on Domain Name Wire back in 2011, trademark applications were filed to the USPTO in 2005, shortly after news got out that ICANN might distribute single letter .com domains, which were previously restricted.  This hasn’t happened and many of the trademark applications are now dead.

The availability of one character domain names in TLDs varies, but only six exist in legacy generic Top Level Domains (,, and,,,

Some other gTLD single-letter domain names are also in use, usually as shortcuts: – Amazon’s official URL shortcut. Generally used by Amazon in SMS messages for informing purchasers of activity on an order – Awareness project coming soon by – Shortcut to Google – Google’s official URL shortcut Facebook – Facebook Messenger’s official URL shortcut Twitter – Twitter’s official URL shortcut Telegram – Telegram’s official URL shortcut WordPress – Redirects to

Domain Vocabulary

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In the world of domain names, there are some specific domain vocabulary words and abbreviations and/or acronyms that are used to describe domain names. Here is a list of some of them (attribute: NamePros):

BIN – in sales threads you’ll see ‘BIN price’ or ‘buy at BIN’. BIN stands for ‘Buy It Now’ and is considered the instant selling price if you want to bypass making lesser offers or bidding up in an auction for a domain. Many auctions or ‘make offer’ sales do not set a BIN, just in case bids/offers rise higher than that BIN amount, but most domainers have a good idea of the top price they want for a domain and will set a BIN price just in case they luck out and a buyer wants the domain enough to buy at BIN and not risk losing it to anyone else.

End User – you often hear of domainers selling domains to ‘end users’. This term refers to a buyer who plans to use a domain for considerable development. A corporation or person who has a large vested interest in that website, for business or extensive personal use, does not plan to trade or resell that domain name (unless an irresistable offer arises) so they are considered the ‘end of the line’ for that domain, the user who has the final use of it and will likely never sell it again. Basically a domain is traded from owner to owner until it finds the ideal end user who will keep it indefinitely. Since the end user has so much interest in the name, they also usually pay much more for that domain than will a reseller who intends to profit on the name by reselling it at a higher price.

Grace Delete – grace deletion refers to the process of deleting a domain name shortly after you registered it. There are many reasons people register domains and then delete them within a few days; commonly it is simply a matter of ‘sobering up’, and realizing it’s not as good a domain as you thought yesterday. Other reasons range from discovering the name is based on a trademark, to tasting the domain for traffic and then letting it go.

Grace deletion is not a service offered by all registrars, you don’t have a ‘right’ to delete a domain and get a refund, it’s a service volunteered by some registrars. The ones that offer this allow you a ‘grace period’ – usually a handful of days after registration date but this varies – for you to delete a domain. Some registrars offer an automated system so you can perform the grace delete yourself, while with other registrars you must send their support a request to delete your domain/s.

Note that any registrar can delete your domain (certain extensions anyway, like when you ask them to, any time, but the ‘grace delete’ term refers to you actually getting some or most of your registration fee back, when deleting your domain within a specified (short) amount of time after registering it. Registrars who offer the grace delete service will set their own grace period, their own rate for this service (usually a small percentage of your reg fee), and determine their own process. Grace delete is just a short term for ‘register a domain, delete it again within a short time, and get a partial refund back’.

Domain types – I am referring to the slang, or code, or abbreviations, or ‘domainer jargon’ for certain types of domains. You often see mentioned, or or or or What do all these strange terms mean, since they are not the actual domain being referred to? These are all domainer-speak for certain categories of Letter, Number, Character, and other spelling combinations. Here’s the lowdown:

Letter combinations:
LLL, LLLL, LLLLL – the ‘L’s’ refer to Letter, so if you see someone talking about an or an, etc, they are referring to the number of letters in the domain. has 4 Letters, so it is an, has 3 Letters so it is an
***Note that when using ‘L’ designations for these types of domains, this designates a domain as NOT being a proper word, usually. Even though is technically an LLLL.COM, there is a difference between an LLLL and a word, and in domainerspeak the LLLL is reserved for letter combinations that don’t make a known word.
3L, 4L, 5L – these are simply an even shorter way of referring to the above: when someone says they have a 3L .com, it means a 3-Letter (or any extension), 4L means a 4-Letter, 5L means a 5-Letter, etc.

CVCV, CVVC, VCVC, CVVCV, etc. – when you see someone list a domain type using a combination of the letters ‘C’ and ‘V’, these refer to specific configurations of Consonants and Vowels. Once again, these usually refer to non-words, but rather patterns of letters, or letters that form a brandable, or made-up, word. I won’t give an English lesson here, hopefully you know what a vowel and a consonant are, so here are a few examples. Althought these are usually used for LLLL (4 letter) domains, they are also commonly used to designate LLL and LLLLL types:

Some LLLL (4-Letter domains) that are CVCV layout (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel): dopu, pebi, saco, qega, xave
Some VCVC: epuq, izux, ubeq, ovaq
Some CVVC: qeoc, vaix, zuaq, xiaw
Some VCCV: egti, ahxo, uqma, otre
Some VVVV (4 vowels): iuae, eoeu
Some CCCC (4 consonants; rarely used designation, since it confuses with CCC – see below): btgx, mrzg
Here are also a few LLLLL (5 Letter) domains, with their V&C layouts: – CCVCV – CVVCV – VCCCV
geeog.COM – CVVVC
*Sometimes the letter ‘Y’ is included to the C&V layout. Y in domaining is considered a vowel, so the following LLLL can be considered a CVCV: This could also be written as the type LLLY (uncommon because it is confusing), or CVCY (more common, still a little confusing).

Number combinations:
Domains consisting only of numbers are written using ‘N’s, for Number; here are a few examples: or 4N – a 4-number, like:, or Once again, as with letters, these designations are usually used for numbers that appear ‘random’, rather than meaning something. would be considered a ‘year .com’ even though it is also technically an, or 5N – a 5-number, like or

By the time you get to 6 numbers, it is usually just abbreviated as 6N.

NN, NNN are a 2- and a 3-number domain, like (an or (an

Hyphen combinations:
When you add one or more hyphens to the above combination types, these are also popular domainer terms: – a that has 3 letters and 2 hyphens (5 characters in total), with hyphens between each letter. Examples:,, – these have a total of 4 characters, with only 1 hyphen. Examples:, – a that has 3 numbers and 2 hyphens (5 characters). Examples:,, – examples:,

Character combinations:
Domains consisting of two or more of the 3 characters that can be used in the ‘word’ part of a domain are described as having a number of ‘C’s, or Characters. Only three characters can be used to form the name part of a domain: Letters, Numbers, and Hyphens. If a domain consists of two or more of these, it can be referred to as a CC, or CCC. **These Character designations are typically limited to 2- and 3-character names, but even 4-character domains are becomming popular. Here are some examples:
CC combinations (2-character) – some examples:,,
*Note that a hyphen can only be placed between two other characters, so all 2-character names can only be created with a Letter and a Number.
CCC combinations (3-character) –,,,,
*Note that if the name has all letters or all numbers, but separated by hyphens, it is usually described in the previous sections. For example, wouldn’t usually be referred to as a CCC (3-character), but as an L-L (Letter, Hyphen, Letter). It is technically both, and both designations can be used, but L-L is more accurate. Another example, is indeed a CCC, but it is more accurate to call it a
**Also note that there is considerable cross-designation in other ways; for example: – can be called a CCC (3-character), but also a NNL (Number, Number, Letter). – can be called a CCC, but also a N-L (Number, Hyphen, Letter).

Here’s a quick guide:
LL, LLL, LLLL, etc: number of Letters.
NN, NNN, NNNN, etc: number of Numbers
CVCV, CVVC, CCVCV, etc: combinations of Consonants and Vowels
CC, CCC: combinations of Numbers, Letters, and Hyphens.
LLN, LNL, NNL, NLN: combinations of Letters and Numbers.

Parking – Domain parking is the registration of an Internet domain name without using it for services such as e-mail or a website i.e without placing any content on the domain. This may be done to reserve the domain name for future development, to protect against the possibility of “cybersquatting.” Since the domain name registrar will have set name servers for the domain, the registrar or reseller potentially has use of the domain rather than the final registrant.

Domain parking can be classified as monetized or non-monetized. In the former, advertisements are shown to visitors and the registrant gains revenue. In the latter, an “Under Construction” or a “Coming Soon” message may or may not be put up on the domain by the registrar or reseller. This is a single-page website that people see when they type the domain name or follow a link in a web browser. Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.

Push – a ‘push’ is a kind of domain transfer, but is different technically from the word ‘transfer’ (see definition for ‘transfer’ below). A push is when you transfer a domain name WITHIN THE SAME REGISTRAR, but to a different user. For example, if your domain is at the registrar Godaddy, you can push it to a different user who also has an account at Godaddy. Each registrar has their own procedure and requirements for a push, but most registrars follow the same basic structure:

A push can be done anytime, even immediately after regging the name; a push is immediate, taking a few seconds to a few minutes until it is in the new user’s account; a push is usually free and does not require the new user to renew the name for another year, rather the same expiration date is kept; a push is simple, usually requiring you to know only the new user’s username at your registrar, or their username and email, etc.

A push also differs with a transfer in that a push is originated from the CURRENT owner’s account, whereas a transfer is initiated from the NEW owner’s account. To initiate a push, you select the domain you want to push, then you look around for something that says ‘push domain’ or ‘initiate account change’ or something like that, and follow instructions. The new owner must follow their own procedure to accept the push into their account.

Reg Fee – this is an abbreviation of ‘registration fee’, the cost of registering a domain name. Each registrar has different prices for’s and other TLD’s and ccTLD’S, and most good registrars also offer discount e-coupons for different TLD’s, fresh regs, renewals, etc. ‘Reg Fee’ is most commonly seen in the appraisals section, where a name is valued at ‘reg fee’. Most reg fees for’s are in the $7 – $12 range.

Reseller – just that: a domainer who trades in domains. Resellers buy domains and do not develop them (unless it is with parking, minisites or minimal development for the purpose of making temporary income from the domain, or increasing its traffic/value for resale). As with any reseller, domainers ideally try to buy very low and sell very high. In a perfect world a reseller will reg a domain or buy it at a cheap reseller price, find the perfect end user for it, and sell high to that end user.

TLD, ccTLD – this stands for Top Level Domain/s. In the domain world there is a hierarchy of domain+’extensions’. There are also subdomains and multiple extension combinations (for example stands for a government site in Ontario, Canada). A basic, simplified TLD definition is simply the domain+’main’ extensions you see on non-country domain extensions. Technically most of what you see is a gTLD, a ‘generic’ TLD. Domains with these extensions are generic worldwide, though each of them has its own rules and restrictions on who can register it. The most common gTLD’s are,,, and others. Less common and more experimental gTLD’s include,,,,,, etc. All these are TLD’s, or more precisely gTLD’s, generic the world over.

The second most common TLD category is the ccTLD, which stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. These are domain+extensions that refer to individual countries and are regulated by those countries or agents of. Some of the common ccTLD’s you’ll see are (Canada), (US), (Tuvalu), (Indian Ocean).
When anyone refers to TLD generally, they are referring to any of the generic TLD’s like the, etc.

Transfer – a ‘transfer’ is differentiated from a ‘push’ (see definition for ‘push’ above). A transfer is when a domain name is transferred from one registrar TO A DIFFERENT REGISTRAR. The domain can be transferred to your account in the new registrar, or to a different person’s account in a new registrar.

Transfer procedures differ for different extensions and different registrars, but they follow some basic structures: a transfer is initiated by the NEW registrant’s account, rather than by the CURRENT owner; but the current owner must supply the new owner with what is called an ‘EPP code’, which you will have to locate or create for the domain being transferred (creating/finding the EPP code varies according to different registrars, but it is necessary to every transfer of a and many extensions); the domain must also be ‘unlocked’, if it is locked, by the current registrant; a transfer is not instant like a push, it can take a few days to a few weeks to complete, or longer depending on the quality/efficiency of one or both registrars involved); a push is usually free, while for a transfer you must pay the reg fee at the new registrar, which gives you a year’s reg time starting at the transfer date, losing any time still left on the reg at the previous registrar; also, whereas a push can be performed anytime, even immediately after buying or “regging” a name, a transfer usually has time restrictions – again, this varies by registrar and extension, but whenever you register or buy a there is usually a 60-day waiting period before you can transfer that domain again to another registrar.

etc. – ‘x’s are used to denote rough estimates of how much a domain is worth. Valuing a domain name is a vague process and prices differ wildly according to the domain, the economy, the end users’ pockets, and other factors, so exact valuations cannot be given. So domainers use approximations that may include numbers or x’s.
The x’s are simply substitutes for tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. For example, we may say a domain is worth $300 – 600… or we may put it another way and say it is worth mid-xxx.

We may say it is worth $50 – 100, or mid to high xx. We might say it is worth $8, or high x.

Here is a general outlay:
x = 0 to 9, since it is a single digit.
Low x = 0 – 3; mid x = 4 – 6; high x = 7 – 9.
xx = 10 – 99, since it covers all double-digit numbers.
Low xx = 10 – 30; mid xx = 40 – 60; high xx = 70 – 99.
xxx = 100 – 999, since it covers all three-digit numbers.
Low xxx = 100 – 300, mid xxx = 400 – 600; high xxx = 700 – 999.
This breakdown continues through x,xxx and xx,xxx and xxx,xxx and x,xxx,xxx etc, referring to thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions.
All these are vague approximate ranges.

2-Letter .coms – Who Are The Owners?

There are only 676 (26 x 26) .com domains that exist that simply have 2 letters, which makes them very rare. Because of their high value, these domains are primarily owned by big corporations.  Many of the owners of 2-letter .com domains use privacy protection.

One of the most recent sales of a 2-letter .com was in late 2016, from HG Systems to WanJiaHuanGou for $3.77M according to this article from DN Journal.

2-Letter .com (dot com) domain names:

Domain NameOwner
aa.comAmerican Airlines
ab.comRockwell Automation, Inc.
ad.comAOL, Inc.
ae.comAEO Management Co.
af.comTangoWire Corporation
ag.comAG Interactive, Inc.
ah.comAurora Advanced Healthcare, Inc.
ak.comOgio International
al.comAlabama Media Group
am.comAckerman McQueen Network
ao.comAppliances Online
ap.comAudio Precision Inc.
aq.comArtix Entertainment, LLC
as.comGrupo Prisa
au.comKDDI Corporation
aw.comPearson PLC
az.comA to Z Networking Services
ba.comBritish Airways
bb.comThe Universal Kingdom, LLC
bc.comBoise Cascade, LLC
bd.comBecton, Dickinson and Company
be.comBe Magazine
bg.comBergdorf Goodman
bh.comBell Helicopter Textron Inc.
bi.comBI Incorporated
bj.comPaddy Power Holdings, Ltd.
bk.comBurger King Corporation
bn.comBarnes & Noble, Inc.
bp.comBP plc
br.comGoogle Ltd.
bt.comBT Group plc
bv.comBlack & Veatch Holding Co.
bx.comThe Blackstone Group LP
ca.comCA Technologies
cb.comCareer Builder, LLC
cc.comViacom Entertainment Group
cd.comBankrate, Inc.
cf.comChrysler Group LLC
cg.comConstitution Insurance Co., LLC
ci.comCI Financial Group
cj.comCommission Junction, Inc.
ck.comCalvin Klein, Inc.
cl.comCraigslist Inc.
cn.comCentralNic Ltd.
cp.comChicago Pneumatic
cq.comCQ – Roll Call, Inc.
cs.comCompuServe Interactive Services, Inc.
ct.comThe Tribune Company
cw.comVodafone Ltd.
cx.comConsulting Exchange, Inc.
cz.comCZ Jewelry
db.comDeutsche Bank AG
dc.comDeloitte Consulting
de.comCentralNic Ltd.
df.comDatafaction, Inc.
dg.comDollar General Corporation
dh.comDarwin Holdings, Inc.
dj.comDow Jones & Company
dk.comDorling Kindersley Ltd.
dl.comDewey & LeBoeuf LLP
dm.comD&M Consulting Services
dn.comVerio, Inc. Inc.
dp.comDesign Parametrics, Inc.
dq.comBerkshire Hathaway Inc. PracticeBrain, Inc.
ds.comData Services, Inc.
dt.comVTS Travel Enterprises
du.comEmirates Integrated Telecommunications Co.
dx.comDeal Extreme
ea.comElectronic Arts, Inc.
eb.comEncyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
ef.comEF Education First Ltd.
eh.comExcel Human Inc.
ei.comEconomists Inc.
ek.comE. K. & Associates
el.comEssentix, Inc.
em.comEM Home Interior AB
en.comAlacarte Net, Inc.
eo.comErrors and Omissions Insurance
es.comEvans & Sutherland
eu.comCentralNic Ltd.
ev.comElectric Vehicle Authority
ew.comEntertainment Weekly, Inc.
ey.comErnst & Young Global Ltd.
ez.comLive Oak 360, Inc.
fa.comHenkel AG & Company
fb.comFacebook, Inc.
fc.comFundamental Consultants Ltd.
fd.comFTI Consulting, Inc.
fh.comHealth Net, Inc.
fi.comFisher Asset Management, LLC
fj.comNorton Rose Fulbright LLP
fk.comWSP Group PLC
fn.comCable News Network
fo.comFashion One Television Ltd.
fp.comFriends Life
fq.comRecipero Ltd.
fr.comFish & Richardson P.C.
fs.comFourth Shift
ft.comThe Financial Times, Ltd.
fu.comFu Associates, Ltd.
fx.comFX Alliance, LLC
fy.comFisher Consulting
fz.comFZ Sdn Bhd
ga.comGeneral Atomics
gb.comCentralNic Ltd.
gc.comGlobalware Corp.
gd.comGeneral Dynamics Corporation
ge.comGeneral Electric Company
gf.comGoebel Fixture Company
gi.comMotorola Mobility LLC
gj.comSquire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP
gl.comGL Communications Inc.
gm.comGeneral Motors Company
gn.comGN Store Nord A/S
go.comThe Walt Disney Company
gp.comGeorgia-Pacific LLC
gq.comConde Nast Publications
gs.comThe Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
gt.comGrant Thornton LLP
gu.comGuardian News and Media Ltd.
gx.comGX Media, Inc.
gy.comComstar Company
gz.comWen Network
ha.comHeritage Auctioneers & Galleries, Inc.
hc.comHarperCollins Publishers LLC
he.comHurricane Electric Internet Services
hf.comHellman & Friedman LLC
hh.comThe Hecker Law Group, PLC
hi.comBKG Associates
hj.comFreedom Scientific, Inc. Holdings, Inc.
hm.comH & M Hennes & Mauritz AB
hp.comThe Hewlett-Packard Company
hq.comRegus Group Companies PLC Limited
hv.comGet On The Web Limited
hw.comHarvard-Westlake School
hx.comBeijing National Network Information Co., Ltd.
hy.comHigh Yield Investments
hz.comBeijing Micro Dream Techtronic Network Technology Co., Ltd., Inc.
id.comIntrinsic Development Corporation
ie.comIntelligent Environments Ltd.
if.comBank of Scotland PLC
ig.comIG Group PLC
ii.comISPnet, Inc.
im.comThink Tank / IM
in.comWeb18 Software Services Ltd.
io.comIO Data Centers, LLC Inc.
ir.comIntegrated Research, Inc., Inc. Assets LLC
iv.comInVision Communications Inc.
iw.comPenton Media, Inc.
iz.comZed Worldwide, SA
jc.comJournal Communications, Inc.
jd.comBeijing JingDong 360 DU E-commerce Ltd.
jh.comJ&H Marsh & McLennan
jj.comJohnson & Johnson
jn.comJapan Networks
jq.comWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
jr.comJ & R Electronics Inc.
js.comJS Group
jt.comJapan Tobacco Inc.
jv.comJ.V. Manufacturing, Inc.
jw.comJackson Walker LLP
ka.comCirque du Soleil Inc.
kb.comKirshenbaum Bond & Partners
kd.comZodiac International
kh.comGet On The Web Limited
ki.comKrueger International, Inc.
kj.comKendall-Jackson Wine Center
kl.comK&L Gates LLP
km.comK and M Imports
ko.comThe Coca-Cola Company
kp.comKaiser Foundation Health Plan
kr.comCentralNic Ltd.
ks.comKnowledge Systems
kt.comKT Corporation
kv.comKnape & Vogt Manufacturing Company
kw.comKeller Williams Realty, Inc.
kx.comKx Systems, Inc.
ky.comMcNEIL-PPC, Inc.
kz.comPearson Education, Inc.
la.comLos Angeles News Group
lc.comStarwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
ld.comLoren Data Corporation
le.comNetwork Solutions LLC
lf.comLebhar Friedman, Inc.
lg.comLG Corporation
lh.comDeutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft
li.comLegatum Institute
lj.comDuodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.a.r.l.
lm.comPhilip Morris USA Inc.
lp.comLilliputian Pictures LLC
lq.comLa Quinta Worldwide, LLC
lr.comLasselle-Ramsay Inc.
lv.comLiverpool Victoria Friendly Society
lw.comLatham & Watkins LLP
lx.comGeneral Electric Company
ly.comiGenesis Limited
ma.comMorris Adjmi Architects
mb.comBranded Holding Group
mc.comMercury Systems, Inc.
me.comApple Inc.
mg.comMcCourt Global LP
mh.comThe McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
mi.comAunis LLC
mk.comURS Corporation
ml.comMerrill Lynch & Co, Inc.
mm.comMinnesota MicroNet Limited
mp.comMontgomery Pfeifer, Inc.
ms.comMorgan Stanely
mt.comMettler-Toledo International Inc.
mw.comMWH Global, Inc.
mx.comMedimetrix Solutions EXchange
my.comBenstar Limited
na.comNorth American Corporation
nb.comNeuberger Berman Group LLC
nc.comNCSoft Corporation
nd.comNeuroDimension, Inc.
ne.comNooter Erikson
nh.comOgden Newspapers Inc.
ni.comNational Instruments Corporation
nj.comNew Jersey On-Line LLC
nk.comSyngenta AG, Inc.
nm.comThe Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
nn.comPearson Education, Inc.
np.comNordstrom Pacific
nq.comNq Mobile
nr.comNumerical Recipes Software
nu.comNortheast Utilities
nv.comGlobal Internet LLC
nw.comNetraCorp LLC
nx.comNXC Corporation
ny.comMediabridge Infosystems inc.
nz.comNew Zealand on the Web Limited
oa.comKSE Holding
oc.comOpenConnect Systems Incorporated
oi.comStudy Network, Inc.
oj.comWord of Mouth Advertising, Inc.
om.comOM Gruppen AB
oo.comNext Jump, Inc.
op.comIconix Brand Group, Inc.
or.comFenris, Inc.
os.comOrbit Data Systems, Inc., L.P.
ov.comOnline Video Guide
pa.comP/A Industries Inc.
pb.comPitney Bowes Inc.
pc.comIntel Corporation
pd.comSymantec Corporation
pe.comEnterprise Media
pf.comThe Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
pg.comThe Proctor & Gamble Company
ph.comACI Worldwide, Inc.
pj.comDDB Canada
pk.comMeow Media, Inc.
pm.comPhilip Morris USA
pn.comPN, LLC
pq.comPQ Corporation
pr.comPR Group, Inc.
ps.comPowerline Systems
pt.comPerformance Technologies, Inc.
pv.comPacketVideo Corporation
pw.comPriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
px.comMedia Options Inc.
qa.comQA Limited
qe.comBoost Worldwide, Inc.
qg.comQuad/Graphics, Inc.
qh.comQH Autoparts Limited
qi.comQuite Interesting Ltd.
qj.comQJ Cloth Baby Diapers
qm.comMorpho Detection, Inc.
qp.comQuick Payment System Ltd.
qq.comShenzhen Tencent Computer System Company
qs.comQuacquarelli Symonds
qt.comQuantum Technologies
qu.comQuality Unlimited AB
qv.comQVC, Inc.
qz.comAtlantic Media Incorporated
ra.comAbbVie Inc.
rb.comReckitt Benckiser Group PLC
rc.comRobinson & Cole LLP
rd.comThe Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.
re.comMarket Leader, Inc.
rf.comRingFree Mobility, Inc.
rg.comBranded Holding Group
rh.comRestoration Hardware Inc.
ri.comRom Industries Corporation
rj.comAlia – The Royal Jordanian Airline PLC
rk.comManwill Billing US Corp
rm.comRM Education Ltd.
rn.comAMN Healthcare, Inc.
rq.comRQ Innovations
rr.comWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
rs.comRocket Software, Inc.
rt.comRT network
rv.comGood Sam Enterprises LLC Partners, LP
ry.comRadley Yeldar Ltd.
sa.comCentralNic Ltd.
sc.comStandard Chartered PLC
se.comCentralNic Ltd.
sf.comSoftware Factory GmbH
sg.comSelect Group, Inc.
si.comSports Illustrated
sj.comSpringer and Jacoby Group
sk.comSKUSA, Inc.
sl.comSL Corporation
sm.comSM Investments Corporation
sp.comScottish Power Limited
sq.comThe Regional Wing of Singapore Airlines
ss.comSS Ltd.
sv.comMediaNews Group, Inc.
sx.comSXC Health Solutions, Inc.
ta.comTA Associates Management, L.P.
td.comTD Bank Financial Group
te.comTyco Electronics Corporation
th.comKSC Commercial Internet Company Ltd.
ti.comTexas Instruments Incorporated
tj.comWalnut Street Information Technology Co., Ltd.
tk.comTwin Kings Communications
tl.comGood Sam Enterprises LLC
tm.comTm Advertising LP
tn.comTM Advertising
to.comThinking Objects GmbH
tq.comTQ Group
tr.comTr Daily
ts.comTS Top Streetear Sverige
tt.comTiroler Tageszeitung Online
tu.comTelefonica Digital Limited
tv.comCBS Interactive Inc.
ty.comTY Inc.
ua.comUnder Armour
ud.comUnited Domains, Inc.
ue.comAmeren Corporation
uf.comBranded Holding Group, L.P.
ui.comUltimate Information
uk.comCentralNic Ltd.
ul.comUL LLC
uo.comElectronic Arts, Inc.
up.comUnion Pacific
ur.comUnited Rentals, Inc
us.comCentralNic Ltd.
ut.comUniversal Technology, Inc.
uu.comUU Ventures
uv.comBritish Money Limited
uy.comCentralNic Ltd.
vb.comBenedict Solms
ve.comVisual Engineering, Inc.
vf.comVanity Fair Conde Nast Digital
vh.comVirtual Homes and More
vi.comViSalus’ Body by Vi
vk.comDoraview Limited
vm.comVery Memorable, Inc.
vp.comBlueScope Buildings North America Inc.
vq.comVisionquest Nonprofit Corporation
vs.comVS Media, Inc.
vt.comValley Tech Corporation
vu.comVeterans United Home Loans
vw.comVolkswagon of America, Inc.
vx.comVx Corporation
vy.comSedak Services
wa.comNuOz Corporation
wb.comWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
wc.comWilliams & Connolly LLP
wd.comWestern Digital Technologies Inc.
wf.comWells Fargo Financial Inc.
wh.comW&H Group
wi.comMaster Lock Company LLC
wj.comTriQuint Semiconductor
wk.comWieden + Kennedy
wl.comWestfal-Larsen & Co.
wm.comWaste Management, Inc.
wn.comWorld News Inc.
wp.comWord Press
wr.comWestar Energy, Inc.
ws.comPC-Doctor, Inc.
wu.comWestern Union Holdings, Inc.
wx.comTelvent DTN
wy.comWeyerhaeuser NR Company
xa.comXA Digital
xe.comXE Corporation
xg.comESPN, Inc.
xl.comXL Airways France
xm.comTrading Point Holdings Ltd.
xp.com114 Friends
xs.comExpert Support Inc., L.P.
ya.comYacom Inc.
yd.comYoung Drivers of Canada
yf.comYoung & Franklin Inc.
yk.comTamarack Computers Ltd.
ym.comAdvance Magazine Publishers Inc.
yp.comYP Intellectual Property LLC
yq.comYoung & Rubicam
yr.comYoung & Rubicam Group
ys.comTech Journal
yt.comCyber Trading Co.
za.comCentralNic Ltd.
zd.comCBS Interactive
ze.comZE PowerGroup Inc.
zf.comZF Friedrichshafen AG Holdings
zq.comTrainWeb LLC
zx.comDC Communications
zy.comGuangDong Excellence in Education

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