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Virtual Assistant Services

Domain Direct Services can be your Virtual Assistant. With many years of experience setting up and managing websites and online marketing for many businesses, we can help get your business’ website set up quickly and efficiently, and also manage the day-to-day tasks required to keep and maintain an active online presence. If you already have a website – great! We can help tweak it to improve its success in many ways.

Website Creation

Whether you are beginning your online venture for the first time or branching out into a new arena, Domain Direct Services can help you create a new website using WordPress. These are some of the tasks we offer for website creation:
…  Setting up a new website
…  Adding new pages/posts
…  Customizing themes
…  Installing and updating plugins
…  Setting up integrations (with social media, mailing lists, etc.)
…  Setting up and integrating a shop page and/or payment gateway
…  Creating a custom favicon
…  Making and installing a custom 404 page
… Setting up integrated SEO capabilities
… Setting up Google Analytics
… Assisting with ad revenue ideas or payment/downloads of your content

Website/Blog Management

Managing a website takes time – there are always so many little things that need to be done. As your Virtual Assistant, Domain Direct Services can take care of these and other tasks for you:
… Ensuring that website information stays up-to-date
… Making security updates
… Managing backups
…  Moderating blog comments
…  Updating plugins
…  Repairing/updating broken links
…  Replying to comments
…  Making SEO improvements (headlines, page titles, content, images, etc.)
…  Setting up 301 redirects
…  Tracking 404 errors
…  Reporting trends in blog activity, such as hot topics or comment activity
…   Removing unwanted pages and posts
…  Tracking website metrics (e.g. Google Analytics)

Content Production

Content production, especially for online
business owners, can be a huge and time-consuming task.
…  Sourcing photos
…  Editing photos
…  Creating graphics
…  Uploading posts
…  Formatting posts to be published
…  Scheduling posts for publication
…  Improving posts with social share options
…  Adding internal links to posts
…  Adding affiliate links to posts
…  Proofreading posts
…  Editing posts
…  Coordinating with contributors and guest posters
…  Managing the editorial calendar
…  Generating topic ideas
…  Drafting content
…  Topic research
…  Compiling, formatting and uploading ebooks
…  Keyword (SEO) research

Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for increasing the exposure of your business.
… Setting up new accounts, pages, groups, etc. on social media platforms
… Promoting new posts across various social media channels
… Promoting old posts via social media
… Promoting posts of others via social media
… Keeping the conversation going via social media (by creating polls, for example)
… Sharing images/videos/articles
… Replying to mentions/messages/comments on social media
…  Designing banners, headers and backgrounds
…  Growing social media followings
…  Creating giveaways and contests
…  Researching popular hashtags for your niche
…  Creating and running ad campaigns (e.g. Facebook or Instagram ads)
…  Uploading presentations on Slideshare or Prezi
…  Setting up social scheduling tools (such as Buffer, Tailwind, Hootsuite or MeetEdgar)
…  Uploading content to social scheduling tools
…  Writing or updating online business profiles (e.g. LinkedIn)
…  Managing online communities (such as Facebook groups or other online forums)

Email (Inbox) Management

It can be easy for your inbox to become overwhelming. We can save you hours upon hours every week by taking care of your inbox(es) and leaving behind only the things you actually need to see, or even send you a daily or weekly summary of the things we think should need your attention.
…  Help with setting up an email account
…  Replying to common questions
…  Flagging important messages that need a reply
…  Following up on sent emails
…  Deleting spam
…  Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists
…  Tagging and archiving emails
… Forwarding messages and inquiries to other team members
…  Using email plugins to optimize
…  Drafting responses

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tricky niche, and the rules are constantly changing with regard to spam. An online marketing campaign can be beneficial to your business, and setting up and managing an email marketing endeavor can boost your business success.
… Setting up autoresponders
…  Scheduling email campaigns
…  Designing email templates
…  Managing the newsletter
…  Email list segmentation
…  Scrubbing email lists
…  Product launch management
…  Track email campaigns (click throughs, conversions, unsubscribes)

Customer Service

Customers take up a lot of time and attention. There are quite a few of these tasks that we can help take off your plate.
…  Processing orders and shipments
…  Processing refunds
…  Handling customer inquiries
…  Operating live chat
…  Following up on orders, inquiries, etc.
…  Chasing outstanding payments
…  Updating member records
…  Inviting/approving requests to join a membership community (e.g. Facebook)
…  Setting up/updating CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management)

Please let us know if you have any questions related to our services and we would be happy to provide you with further information to help you buy or sell a domain name. Please send us an email to with any comments or questions: